Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2016

Documentary Film Production to teach Intercultural Communication: An Introduction to Media

Intan Pradita, Aryo Arifuddin

Islamic University of Indonesia


This paper aims at describing the implementation of project-based learning in the form of documentary film production to teach intercultural communication subject in English Language Education department, Islamic University of Indonesia. The objectives of this research are 1) to develop a project that is suitable to improve the students’ intercultural communication competence, 2) to introduce the role of education and media in intercultural communication. There were 31 students as the participants of this research. The data were in the form of field notes and the students’ essays which described the students prior knowledge of intercultural communication, the project reports which were submitted weekly to the lecturer in the form of focused group discussion, the documentary films that the students’ made, the interview videos, and the students’ reflective essay. This is a research and development by tracing Borg and Gall as the reference. The results of this research are; 1) the practical project that were reliable to improve intercultural communication competence is documentary film project over three projects that were planned, 2) the students are able to understand the role of media by being involved in the real project of documentary film. The students also understand that in order to accomplish an effective intercultural communication someone should have a good prior knowledge through education and media literacy.


intercultural communication, documentary film production, project-based learning

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