Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2016

Effectiveness in Teaching Methodology: An Evidence on School-Based Assessment Implementation

Halimah Jamil, Rozita Radhiah Said , Mohd Sharifudin Yusofͨ

Universiti Putra Malaysia


The main issue of newly adopted school-based assessment (SBA) in Malaysian education system in both primary and secondary school is the transition in adapting new system which affect teachers’ daily workload. This study will look upon the differences among teaching principles from developed countries such as Netherlands, Korea, United Kingdom, United States of America has long implemented SBA in their education system and proposed an improvement to the current teaching methodology so that the SBA implementation could be applied successfully in the future. This research focused findings of a study about effectiveness in teaching methodology among Malay language teachers’ on SBA implementation. The effectiveness of teaching methodology in the study was limited to three main objectives to: investigate whether teachers need any advanced training to increase teaching principles; investigate how effective teaching skills and assessment process needs to be emphasized; and investigate how the teachers deal with existing challenges while implementing the SBA. The methodology of study was qualitative in nature and data were collected from teachers in one of secondary schools in Seremban district with two teachers as a respondent. A total of two female teachers were involved as a respondent in the study. An interview was used as a study. The findings of this study showed teachers need to update their skills and knowledge continuously about learning and teaching with additional resources. On effective teaching, teachers must also continually refine their conceptual, pedagogical skills, classroom management, assessment and curriculum. Teachers need deep understanding of their subject area and a range of knowledge of effective strategies and practices that support student learning. The authorities must provide external learning opportunities for the teachers to implement school-based work that is enriched with ideas and knowledge from outside the school.


School-based assessment implementation; effective teaching; teaching principles

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