Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2016

The Preliminary Research of International Student’s Perception on Non Verbal Communication in Yogyakarta

Aryo Arifuddin, Intan Pradita

Islamic University of Indonesia


This research aims at describing how International student deal with non-verbal communication during their study in Yogyakarta. The research questions are: 1) what are the forms of non-verbal communication (NVC) that the international students perceived during their study in Yogyakarta, and 2) how the International students deal with the different non-verbal communication that work in Yogyakarta. The method of this research is qualitative research. The respondents of this research were two international students who took an undergraduate degree on social science and bahasa Indonesia. The data are in the form of video interview, voice memos and Interview transcript. All the data were compiled in the form of a 15 minutes documentary film. The results of this research are 1. They found many variety of NVC, the feeling of anxious is only felt in the beginning. There are many differences of the habits, gestures and meaning in Yogyakarta, which is different with their hometown. 2. Discuss with International friends about their experience towards NVC in Yogyakarta, adapt to Indonesian culture especially in the classroom interaction.


non-verbal communication, documentary film, intercultural communication

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