Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture & Education 2018 & The International Mobile Education and Learning Technologies 2018

Innovative Teaching Materials for Teaching The Merchant of Venice (1999)

Shilpagauri P. Ganpule

Commerce and Science College, Akurdi, Pune, India


The teaching of drama is regarded as the most noteworthy and significant area in an ESL classroom. Innovative teaching materials can be used to make the teaching of drama interesting and attention-grabbing. The use of innovative teaching materials serves to be beneficial in the ESL classroom. The paper presents a variety of teaching materials that can be used while teaching Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice (1999). The innovative teaching materials assist the teachers in the teaching of the play and make the teaching-learning process a gratifying activity for both the teachers and students. In brief, the task-based activities encourage the students to perform various tasks and speed up their learning process. Thus the present paper makes an attempt to demonstrate how the task-based activities enhance and augment the students’ understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice (1999).


Teaching Of Drama, ESL Classroom, Task-Based Activities, Students’ Participation

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