Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture & Education 2018 & The International Mobile Education and Learning Technologies 2018

The C-Test: A Language Testing Device as a Screening Test for German Language Education in Thailand

Wassamill Watcharakaweesilp

Khon Kaen University, Thailand


This pilot study aims to investigate the use of the online C-Test as a language testing device for German language education in Thailand. In this regard, the C-Test was used based on the screening process by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to assess general language proficiency of students for the scholarship grant. The purposes of this study are studying the results of the online C-Test employed in this study and providing some recommendations for language educators in terms of language testing. Based on the purposive sampling, nineteen students majoring in German (Academic year 2017) at Khon Kaen University in Thailand participated in this study. The online C-Test consisting of altogether eight short reading texts was employed as a research instrument. Each reading text has 20 gaps to fill in. So, the total points are 160 points. In terms of data collection and analysis, the students’ scores from the online C-Test were collected and analyzed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). When compared with other testtakers of this study, it was found that only four students (n=19) achieved the range of the highest scores, namely the B1+ level. It can be concluded and discussed that the findings of this study demonstrate the language proficiency of Thai students to a certain extent. In addition, the online C-Test in this study was powerful in providing sufficient discrimination among the test-takers as research participants of this study. It was also reliable and valid enough to be used as a screening test for the scholarship grant.


C-Test, Language Testing Device, Screening Test, German Language Education

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